Full Planning

With our Full Planning package, you are able to focus on enjoying the excitement of being engaged. Jade Preciado Events (formerly Just as Promised Events) offers a hand-held experience with guidance through every step of the wedding planning process. Once we've discussed your overall vision, dreams and budget, we will get to work on fulfilling every aspect of your wedding. Best of all, you have total flexibility of how much or little you are involved in the plans at any point throughout the planning process.   

We will take care of every detail, from finding and securing the perfect venue and vendor team, design concepts and execution, managing the budget... We will help you select the perfect color palette, rentals, paper goods, and so on... 

We create your wedding timeline and layout, coordinate your rehearsal and wedding day- executing a seamless wedding day for you and your guests!


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Hiring Just as Promised Events was the best decision we made!

Bringing on Jade for her full planning services was, by far and out, the best wedding-related investment we made. HIRE HER.

After our first planning team had to bow out due to unforeseen circumstances a few months into our planning process, we were feeling especially defeated. We had a venue in Lompoc, but there was no way we were going to be able to pull this wedding off while simultaneously living 4.5 hours away, working demanding jobs, having a social life, and you know - actually taking time to enjoy our engagement. Enter Jade - from the moment we met her, we knew we were going to be fine.

As communications and event logistics professionals by trade, we have a high bar for any event planning project and Jade went above and beyond the call of duty. We had so many monkey wrenches thrown into the mix in the year leading up to our wedding - multiple venue changes, family drama, weird logistical challenges. We would also be unavailable or uncommunicative for days/weeks at a time due to travel/work. On top of that, we were a bride and groom pair that each had a strong desire to be involved in planning, so Jade had to also help us navigate where our individual planning opinions didn’t align.

Even with all that, Jade did an absolutely perfect job. She kept us in the loop through every step, was proactive and on top of every detail, held our hand through the strange and foreign emotional rollercoaster that often comes with wedding planning, and more. Her working style allowed us to be as involved or uninvolved as we wanted to at any stage in the planning journey, which made everything so much more enjoyable and less stressful.

I could go on and on about how incredible she was with dealing with the creative problems that popped up by coming up with even more creative solutions, but my biggest takeaway for anyone that is considering her services here is that she has the absolute most perfect temperament, attitude, outlook for wedding planning/coordinating. She is detail-oriented, pragmatic, thoughtful, so sweet and warm, SO TACTFUL in tough situations, insanely calm under pressure, and has a great eye for design.

Our wedding was in a beautiful place, but was not designed for an event like ours, so we essentially had to start from the ground up with rentals, infrastructure, etc. Jade handled it all with fantastic grace and finesse - she has such an awesome, robust network of vendors and was able to connect us with a catering team, DJ, bartending team, videographer, hair/makeup artists, photographer, and guest transport team that were such a great fit for us in every single way. It made our wedding day incredible. I’m seriously going to miss that team...

If anything went wrong on our wedding day, Jade and her assistant Sierra must have handled it immediately because neither our guests nor we had any idea. And that’s exactly how it should be with any wedding planning team - they put everyone at ease and really allowed us all to let loose and enjoy ourselves. Even when some guests decided to have too much fun and accidentally cut themselves on some broken wine glasses, Jade calmly and cooly handled it. Our most extreme party people were bandaged up and back on the dance floor shakin’ it with new, unbroken glasses within seconds, literally. 

Again, my advice to any newly engaged couple getting married in the Central Coast region is to hire Just As Promised Events! Whether you are a couple that wants to be completely hands off with planning, completely hands on, or anything in between - hire Jade early, trust her process, trust that she has your best interests in mind, and know that she has what it takes to bring your perfect day to life.